Our core objectives can be summarized as follows:


Educating fatherless children and orphans to completion of secondary school and up to tertiary level where possible

Empowering widows/Guardians through counselling, literacy and business skills training that will enable them generate sustainable income to support their families

Enriching the entire community where OAA works by providing technical and material support to local schools and health services

Sending skilled volunteers to support our projects and activities in the communities where we work




A Board of Trustees is responsible for overseeing the management, administration and strategic direction of the Ong Africa Association


Financial Accounts and Reports

OAA Trustees produce an Annual Report and financial accounts which is independently examined and reviewed. Accounting returns are received from our partners in Africa each four months and undergoes independent third party review before funds for the following period are remitted.


OAA Governance Manual

The OAA Manual sets out the guiding principles and procedures and describes the responsibilities of the charity to our different stakeholders the document also describes the roles and responsibilities of our partners and basis of co-operation with OAA.

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