Long-term, to implement our projects we anticipate that we will need the following items:

1.  Computers: desktops, laptops and servers, scanners, digital cameras etc.

2.  Audio-visual equipment such as Smart Boards, digital projectors etc.

3.  Software licenses (genuine software with COA / registration ID only) - programs such as MS Office etc are desired. 

4.  Stand By Generators - preferably diesel, 220 Volts and greater than 5 KVA.

5.  UPS - uninterruptible power supplies.

6.  Software training software: programs that will teach you how to use software such as MS Excel etc.

7.  Transportation: cars, vehicles etc.   For more information, please click here

8.  Assistance with printing and publishing of educational and other materials.

9.  Assistance with collection of goods, storage / warehousing, shipping and clearing of goods / containers.


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